Vegetarian for The Long Haul?

For the past few weeks, I’ve really felt that the 90 days, the end of the challenge, was insignificant, that when it was over I would naturally want to continue on the same path, pushing my  personal limits where diet was concerned.

Now that it’s over though, I’m not so sure.  I feel like I need a break.  Like I went too far, too fast.

I’m vegetarian and I’m comfortable with that.  That was the original challenge anyway so nice job.

I do question how bad could it really be to eat a little meat now and then.  A couple of days ago I had an incredibly intense craving for a cheeseburger.  I’ve dreamed of roasting a chicken.  I do miss eggs.

However, it’s been nice not having meat in the house – not worrying about cross-contamination makes working in the kitchen a lot simpler.  The trash smells better.  I’m enjoying discovering new foods.  I’ve learned that I like a lot of vegetables, a lot more than I expected.  Or maybe allowed before because meat was always the priority.


I’m still eating cheese, but I’m “Vegan before six”.  Just because I can and because the foods that I’m enjoying for breakfast and lunch are vegan.

Any of us can benefit from giving plants a much higher priority in our diets.  You don’t have to take it to an extreme to significantly improve your well-being.  I have a tendency to take things the the extreme sometimes though.  Sometimes you have to go there to reset.  To shake off the facade of your current reality.

Without a doubt, trying to adopt a ‘vegan slow-carb’ diet was one step beyond.  I can see that it could be incredibly effective, but it was too much too soon right now.  And followed immediately by Thanksgiving and a business trip to Texas. I’ve been on a bit of a reactionary binge ever since.  Not with meat, but sugar – my true weakness.  At least for now, I need to keep enough fruit and grain in the program to keep me from going overboard for sugar.

I also have to find the right training schedule.  I’m not sure how to keep sharp on the bike while improving at running and still managing to be a good husband, father and an effective manager.

I’m thinking of trying some lunch runs. I’m already running instead of riding one day on the weekend.  Running to and from work one day a week is an option.

Balance is an important concept for 2014.  Healthy, vegetarian, but not obsessed.  Boston 2016 remains the big personal goal on the horizon, so I have to stay focused enough, put in enough miles to make that happen.  And I still want to do it on mostly plants.

Ethically, Environmentally, Economically it just makes sense. Meat is not necessary, there are so many tasty and appealing vegetarian options and the health benefits are worth the effort.

One of the ideas behind doing a 90 day challenge was that 90 days can make a habit.  I do have to say that buying meat at the supermarket seems like an absurd idea right now.  Why would I do such a thing?


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