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Day Twenty Seven

Friday, October 4, 2013

It’s the end of week four, here are the metrics:

Weight: 130
Body Fat %: 11.1
Body Water %: 62.2
Resting Heart Rate: 38

Nice, steady progress and certainly no evidence that I’m getting weaker so I do not believe that I’m sacrificing muscle. I expect that I could be adding mass and strength more quickly if I was eating more, but the priority right now is fat first.  I want some visual evidence that I actually posses abdominal muscles before I change my tactics.  I guess this is on my mind because when I got home today I could tell that I really needed some carbs – got some in the form of veggies and Sam Adams – maybe not the ideal combination of sources, but it sure hit the spot on a Friday afternoon.

Before opening the beer, I did spend about 20 minutes working on head stands – getting a little more stable – and on ‘The Crow’ or ‘Frog Stands’.  Pretty tough, but possible, so it’s a nice counterpoint to working on the head stands – also good practice for building up to a hand stand.

The first real Santa Ana wind of the season is brewing today, could make it tough riding in the morning.  I think I’ll just get up & check wunderground to see where it’s blowing and where I can find some shelter.  If it’s really bad, there’s always the dreaded trainer, the running trail, calisthenics.  The forecast is for calmer conditions to prevail by Sunday morning so the Renegade ride should be preserved.

Here’s what I ate today:

  • Breakfast
    • Oatmeal with molasses & agave nectar, blueberries, pecans, flaxseed and hemp hearts
    • Green smoothie: Spinach, kale, banana, raspberries
  • Dinner:
    • Appetizer: Carrots, yellow bell pepper, hummus, kalmata olives, Sam Adams Oktoberfest (x2)
    • Veggie burgers, baked organic potato fries
    • Green salad with cherry tomatoes, hemp oil and balsamic vinaigrette
    • Glass of Cabernet
    • Sliced banana w/walnuts, agave & cinnamon


Veggie burgers were leftovers from earlier in the week. Fresh buns picked up from Whole Foods a couple of days ago made it possible to pick up and actually eat like a burger while only losing some out the other side. Still quite tasty. A lot of consumption today between 5 and 8 pm. Hopefully that will be a source of strength and not regret tomorrow.  I think so, I think I needed it.

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Day Twenty Four

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Added side planks into the morning workout today.  I like it. The form is going to be pretty shaky for awhile, but that’s the journey, that’s what it’s all about.  Also spent some time this afternoon practicing some one-legged dead lifts and taking some baby steps toward the mighty hand stand.  Step 1: Head stands against the wall, facing away, just getting a feel for the balance, how to pull away from the wall and hold the body up with my head and hands.  Once I can hold it for a reasonable amount of time I’ll go for hands, no head but baby steps, baby.

Another blogosphere shout out to Al Cavadlo whom I discovered a few days ago while searching for body weight workouts.  Something that’s interested me for quite awhile now, but I just never actually did much about it.  20 minutes of watching Al’s videos and I’m in, 110%.  Love it.  Isn’t it interesting that something like that can just sit in your consciousness for years sometimes, not acted upon, occasionally gazed at like art on the wall or a still life on the table and then one day the stars line up, you make a first step and before you know it you can’t imagine what life was like before this thing was a part of it.

That’s how I’m feeling about vegetarianism, certainly how I feel about cycling and now about mastering my body weight.  All three of these roads stretch over the horizon and keep going as long as you want to keep improving and refining and to me that’s exciting.

Here’s what I ate today:

  • Breakfast
    • Oatmeal with molasses & agave nectar, blueberries, pecans, flaxseed and hemp hearts
    • Green smoothie: Spinach, kale, strawberries, raspberries

Finally had some time to make burritos for the rest of the week’s lunches.  I normally make brown rice and bean burritos with black beans, but I was one can short today so I forged ahead with Cannelini beans.  They are slightly different, but just as tasty.  Variety is mostly a good thing.

And I managed to get a decent commute in this afternoon.  I can’t divulge how I pulled that off, but it was on the 1 speed – man I like the way that bike makes me push myself.