2016 Day 1

June 2, 2016

The week in Iowa definitely took it’s toll. Official weight in tomorrow morning will show the score. Nobody’s fault but mine, by the way, I just tend to overindulge when traveling and go even more overboard in Iowa.

So it feels good to be home and getting back to the normal routine. Today besides commuting I managed to get in a lunch ride and it felt good to be eating my own food again.  I’ve been working on perfecting a vegetarian zone diet.  There is plenty of information out there about The Zone, and I’m sure I’ll be talking about it more, but if you are not familiar, it’s a simple system based on getting enough lean protein by weight, making that 30% of your diet and complimenting it with 40% good, low glycemic carbohydrates and a little (30%) fat.  The objective is to eat this exact ratio of macro nutrients at every meal and snack. I’ve got a pretty good routine down for breakfast, lunch and snacks. I’m a little looser with dinner since I’m not just cooking for myself.

Over the past couple of years of vegetarian living, I’ve noticed that there are many happy, chubby vegetarians out there. And that’s OK, but it’s not what I’m looking for. Part of the problem is that most vegetarian protein sources come with lots of carbs. or too much fat. or both. Because I’m interested in athletic performance, in seeing what I can do with my body, I’ve needed better sources of lean, low carbohydrate protein and that has lead me to embrace gluten and soy, in particular home made seitan and commercial soy curls from Butler foods. A lot more about that later, for now my typical day, one of which I just had:

  • Breakfast:
    • 3 egg whites, scrambled with 4 ounces diced seitan
    • 3 big handfuls spinach, sauteed with 1 small garlic clove and 1/4 cup black beans
    • 2 tablespoons salsa
  • Lunch:
    • Seitan and black bean burrito
    • 1 apple
  • Snack:
    • Primal strips seitan jerkey (Mesquite Lime this week)
  • Dinner:
    • Wild mushroom ravioli with garlic, onion and tomato Ragu
    • Big Salad (with some seitan strips added to boost the protein content)
    • Glass of Cabernet

Here’s the Seitan recipe. I make it every week. It’s delicious and satisfying. Many recipes to come and much more about my other favorite new protein source – Soy Curls.

Stay with me.


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